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European Championships Shogi Kifu Collection

Kifu #32

[Name "Thomas Majewski"]
[Email ""]
[Country "Belgium"]
[Sente "Cain Steven"]
[Gote "Majewski Thomas"]
[Black_grade "2dan"]
[White_grade "1dan"]
[Result "1-0"]
[Comment "Yamada quickattack vs shikenbisha"]
[Source "Thomas' gamescore"]
[Event "European Championships 1997"]
[Date "19970823"]
[Round "6"]
[Venue "RIKAB"]
[Proam "Amateur"]
P7g-7f P3c-3d P2g-2f P4c-4d S3i-4h S3a-3b P5g-5f R8b-4b K5i-6h K5a-6b K6h-7h S7a-7b G4i-5h G4a-5b P9g-9f P9c-9d S7i-6h K6b-7a P3g-3f B2b-3c S6h-5g K7a-8b P2f-2e P6c-6d { 12...P6d~~12...P5d would have been better, as black does ~not have the opportunity to play a kings head ~vanguard pawn with 13.P5e. In addition, a later ~B'5c will be very strong against the Yamada ~joseki. White does not have to be afraid of ~13.B9g R4a 14.B8f P4e 15.S6f etc., as it gives ~good chances for both sides. } P3f-3e P3dx3e S5g-4f P3e-3f S4f-3e P4d-4e B8hx3c+ S3bx3c B'7g B'5d R2h-2f P7c-7d { 18...P7d~~A waiting move, that could have been used for other ~purposes. E. g. 18...L1b. Miss Takahashi, Ladies ~professional proposed 18...Bx7f, to remove this ~pawn and to get access to the weak pawn on 8g.~} P2e-2d P2cx2d S3ex2d S3c-4d P'2b P'2c { 21...P'2c~~A mistake, as it gives Black the opportunity to ~play 22.Sx2c= with the later possibility of S3d+.~} S2dx2c+ { 22.Sx2c+~~Black loses his golden opportunity to play Sx2c=. ~Later he can play S3d+ with strong pressury on ~white's rook. Miss takahashi called this a ~"heavy move".~} P4e-4f P4gx4f S4d-3e R2f-2e S3ex4f P2bx2a+ P3f-3g+ +S2c-3c +P3gx4h +S3cx4b +P4hx5h +S4bx5b +P5hx6i +S5bx6a G'7i K7h-8h G'7h K8h-9g G7hx7g { 31...Gx7g~~The decisive mistake. White looses the game with this ~single move. White get's a bishop, which is of ~little use to him, but the black knight on 7g ~becomes the most important defender for black.~31.G7ix8i removes the knight and set's the bishop ~en prise. 31...G7ix8g 32.B6d P9e 33.Px9e P'9f ~34.Kx9f N'8d 35.K8f Sx6a 36.R'4b S'7bIt would ~have been a rather easy victory after this. ~Maybe this is the urge of the weak player to ~take the bigger piece.~} N8ix7g P9d-9e P9fx9e P'9f K9gx9f S'8d K9f-8f S7bx6a R2e-2b+ P'3b R'4b S6a-7b N'9d L9ax9d P9ex9d S'9e L9ix9e S8dx9e K8fx9e B'5a S'6b B5ax6b R4bx6b+ S'8d K9e-8f L'7a +R2b-3a { 45.+R2b-3a~~White resigns.~~This game shows how important the endgame in shogi ~is. White's huge advantage crumbled because of one ~bad endgame move. Miss Takahashi advised me to ~practise the endgame. Solving tsume problems just ~a little, but regularly (every day) should do the ~job.}