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European Championships Shogi Kifu Collection

Kifu #51

[Name "Matt"]
[Email ""]
[Country "Belgium"]
[Sente "Boekschoten Michiel"]
[Gote "Casters Matt"]
[Black_grade "3dan"]
[White_grade "2dan"]
[Result "0-1"]
[Comment ""]
[Source "Matt"]
[Event "European Championships 1997"]
[Date "19970823"]
[Round "6"]
[Venue "RIKAB, Brussels"]
[Proam "Amateur"]
P7g-7f P3c-3d P2g-2f P4c-4d S3i-4h S3a-3b P5g-5f R8b-4b G4i-5h K5a-6b K5i-6h S7a-7b K6h-7h K6b-7a P4g-4f B2b-3c S4h-5g P9c-9d P9g-9f G4a-5b P3g-3f K7a-8b P1g-1f P1c-1d R2h-3h S3b-4c P3f-3e P3dx3e R3hx3e R4b-3b R3e-3f P'3d P2f-2e P5c-5d B8h-7g L1a-1b P8g-8f P6c-6d K7h-8g G5b-6c S7i-7h P7c-7d P6g-6f B3c-5a S5g-6h N8a-7c S6h-6g P3d-3e R3f-2f R3b-3d B7g-6h B5a-6b R2f-2h N2a-3c N8i-7g { Very tricky move!!!~If white allows N8e, then afther the~exchange N'2f is a real problem ! ~Lucky for me, I saw this before ...~~--Matt~} P8c-8d G5h-4g P3e-3f R2h-3h N3cx2e P'2f P3f-3g+ N2ix3g N2ex3g+ G4gx3g P4d-4e P4fx4e B6bx2f P'3f B2f-5c R3h-2h N'2d N'3e S4c-3b P'2e N2dx1f L1ix1f R3d-3c G3g-2f P'3d R2h-1h P3dx3e P3fx3e N'2b R1h-3h S3b-4c G2f-3f P1d-1e P3e-3d S4cx3d P'1c P'3e G3f-4f L1bx1c L1fx1e L1cx1e N'2g L1e-1g+ N2gx3e +L1g-2g R3h-3f S3dx2e R3f-3i P'3g P5f-5e P3g-3h+ R3i-5i +L2g-3g P5ex5d B5c-7a { And afther a number of moves, White won.}