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European Championships Shogi Kifu Collection

Kifu #65

[Name "Eric Cheymol"]
[Email "[email protected]"]
[Country "Belgium"]
[Sente "Boekschoten Michiel"]
[Gote "Lamb Stephen"]
[Black_grade "3dan"]
[White_grade "4dan"]
[Result "0-1"]
[Comment ""]
[Source ""]
[Event "European Championships 1997"]
[Date "19970822"]
[Round "1"]
[Venue "Brussels"]
[Proam "Amateur"]
P7g-7f P3c-3d P2g-2f P4c-4d S3i-4h S3a-3b P5g-5f R8b-4b G4i-5h K5a-6b K5i-6h S7a-7b K6h-7h G4a-5b P2f-2e B2b-3c B8h-7g S3b-4c P3g-3f K6b-7a B7g-6h P4d-4e S7i-8h K7a-8b P1g-1f P6c-6d S4h-3g P1c-1d P2e-2d P2cx2d B6hx2d R4b-2b P'2e B3c-4d B2d-6h N2a-3c S3g-2f R2b-2a P3f-3e P3dx3e {Perhaps P-5d was better. (Steve)} S2fx3e B4dx3e B6hx3e R2ax2e R2hx2e N3cx2e R'3a R'3i B3ex5c+ {This trick doesn't work. See the next move...~(Steve)} R3ix6i+ {This gets me a bishop and gold for the rook, ~though Michiel does manage to get some ~counterplay. (Steve)} K7hx6i G5bx5c R'2a S4c-5b {A faster way to win is to forget about defending ~and instead attack with P*5g! Then:~(i) Rx6a+, Px5h+, Kx5h, Sx6a, Rx6a+, R*3h mates~(ii) Gx5g, S*4h, Rx6a+, Sx6a, Rx6a+, R*6h mates~(iii) Gx5g, S*4h, G-5h, G*5g, Rx6a+, Sx6a, Rx6a+, ~Gx5h mates~(iv) Gx5g, S*4h, G-5h, G*5g, Gx4h, Gx4h, Rx6a+, ~Sx6a, Rx6a+, R*5i mates~(v) Gx5g, S*4h, G-5h, G*5g, Gx5g, Sx5g+.~No way I'd have seen all this in the game ~though :-) (Steve)} B'6b P'5a B6bx5a+ G6ax5a R3ax5a+ G'6a G'6b G6ax5a R2ax5a+ R'3i K6i-7h {Not good, but Michiel cannot play:~(i) K-6h since B*2d~(ii) G-5i, B*5h, K-7h (not Kx5h, S*5g mates), ~S*6i and I either mate or fork rook and king ~with a bishop drop on 2d or 3c next.~~Michiel should probably have played G*5i, then I ~would have had to play S*6a which defends ~adequately. (Steve)} B'6i K7h-6h B6ix5h+ K6hx5h R3i-3h+ {This mates. (Steve)} B'4h B'4i K5h-6h +R3hx4h K6h-7g B'6h