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First 40 moves Shogi Kifu Collection

Kifu #12

[Name "Matt Casters"]
[Email "[email protected]"]
[Country "Japan"]
[Sente "Black"]
[Gote "White"]
[Black_grade "Grade"]
[White_grade "Grade"]
[Result ""]
[Comment ""Aiyokofutori"(Both players take Side Pawn)."]
[Source "Mr. Manabu Terao - ISPS Member"]
[Event "First 40 moves example"]
[Date "19970501"]
[Round "60"]
[Venue ""]
[Proam "Opening"]
{~Dear Shogi-fans,~~Apologyzing for my delay in posting.~~The theme this time is "Aiyokofutori"(Both players take Side Pawn).~~Both Rooks and Bishops are exchanged in an early stage in these~"joseki" variations(ex. 56, 57). The example 58 is rather moderate.~~Regards~Manabu Terao~~} P7g-7f P3c-3d P2g-2f P8c-8d P2f-2e P8d-8e G6i-7h G4a-3b P2e-2d P2cx2d R2hx2d P8e-8f P8gx8f R8bx8f R2dx3d B2bx8h+ S7ix8h R8fx7f S8h-7g R7f-7d R3d-3f R7d-8d P'8f P'2b G4i-3h S7a-6b S3i-4h G6a-7b K5i-5h K5a-5b R3f-7f R8d-2d P'2h N2a-3c S7g-6f S3a-4b N8i-7g P1c-1d P8f-8e P1d-1e