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Rikai Sittard Shogi Kifu Collection

Kifu #16

[Name "Matt Casters"]
[Email "[email protected]"]
[Country "The Netherlands"]
[Sente "Roquas Frans"]
[Gote "Casters Matt"]
[Black_grade "3dan"]
[White_grade "2dan"]
[Result "0-1"]
[Comment "4th file rook"]
[Source "score sheet"]
[Event "2nd Rikai Shogi Tournament"]
[Date "19970601"]
[Round "5"]
[Venue "Sittard"]
[Proam "Amateur"]
P2g-2f P3c-3d P7g-7f P4c-4d S3i-4h R8b-4b K5i-6h K5a-6b K6h-7h S7a-7b P5g-5f K6b-7a G4i-5h P9c-9d P9g-9f B2b-3c P2f-2e S3a-3b S7i-6h G4a-5b S6h-5g K7a-8b G6i-6h P1c-1d P1g-1f P5c-5d P3g-3f P6c-6d P3f-3e P3dx3e S5g-4f P3e-3f R2h-2f { I have my doubts if this move is correct.~I expected S3e, P4e, Bx3c+, Sx3c,...} P4d-4e B8hx3c+ S3bx3c S4f-3e B'5c R2fx3f R4b-3b B'8h S3c-4d P'3c { Possible was here also : Sx4e, Rx3f, Sx5c+, Gx5c, Bx1a+~But the possition gets better for white afther~R'2h...~} S4dx3c P5f-5e P5dx5e B8hx5e P'5d B5e-8h { Black got a pawn in hand, but lost a valuable tempo !} P'3d S3e-2f G5b-6c N2i-3g S3c-4d P4g-4f P3d-3e N3gx4e S4dx4e P4fx4e P3ex3f S'4d B5c-6b P'3c R3b-1b S2f-3e N'5f S4h-5g N5fx6h+ G5hx6h P7c-7d S3e-3d P3f-3g+ S3dx2c+ +P3g-4g +S2cx1b +P4gx5g G6hx5g L1ax1b R'2b R'3h P'5h B6b-8d B8h-6f B8dx6f P6gx6f B'1c R2b-2d+ B1cx2d P2ex2d R'2i B'4f G'7i K7h-6g R2i-6i+ K6g-5f R3h-3f+ N'6g N2ax3c S4dx3c+ S'5e N6gx5e S'6e { Black Resigned}