Shogi 2014 (beta v1). Click piece to select. Click destination to move. Rules link below.

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This is an HTML5/JavaScript/CSS version of my shogi app. It is a work in progress, so please give me feedback.

Known Issues and temporary solutions:

Issue: AI move search makes web browser seem unresponsive
Solution: Wait for AI to finish choosing a move.

Issue: Slower computers or computers with slow internet connections may not load all the board images.
Solution: Reload the web page.

Issue: Changing the token style from a mobile device locks up the web browser.
Solution: Close and re-open the web browser.

If you see an issue not listed, contact me @TGeneDavis on Twitter. Be sure to list the web address in a link, so I know which page to look at. Also, do not use direct messaging, because I only see regular tweets.

If you love what you see, let me know too!

T. Gene Davis